Aluminum sheets and coils

Do you need high-quality aluminium coils and sheets for different manufacturing purposes? We have earned fame as the aluminium sheet manufacturers. We also sell aluminium coils that have a range of applications.

Made from the best raw materials, our coils and sheets contribute to the strength of your product.

Aluminum sheets and coils
Aluminum sheets and coils


Aluminium sheets used for roofing are sturdy and have a lightweight design.

Aluminum sheets and coils

Artistic ceilings

Composite aluminium sheets with high durability can be used as large tiles and interior ceiling panels for decorative purposes.

Aluminum sheets and coils

Drink cans

Aluminium sheets are best for manufacturing reusable and eco-friendly beer kegs, drink cans, and beer barrels.



Create shelters at any outdoor site by installing our aluminium panels.

Aluminum sheets and coils

Cable sheathing

Aluminium sheets and coils are useful for cable sheathing due to their corrosion-resistant nature. They have special electrical and mechanical characteristics.

Aluminum sheets and coils

Lamp reflectors

As aluminium sheets have reflective properties, they are essential for designing heat forwarding lamps and reflector lamps.

Aluminum sheets and coils

Buy coils of any size

Our aluminium coils are available in different sizes and shapes, and you can use them for your industrial purposes. These coils are the perfect choice in the maritime environment and other natural settings due to their corrosion resistance.

Our high-quality coils also ensure longevity, ductility, hardness, fracture toughness, temperature stability, and weldability. Moreover, they have high conductivity to energy.

Buy China aluminum coil and sheet
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Tested products

We conduct tests to check stiffness, resistance and intergranular corrosion. Moreover, we do ultrasonic testing, power testing, and flattening testing.

Safe delivery

We package our aluminium coils properly and transport them safely to your destination.

Reasonable pricing

While maintaining our product quality, we have set a competitive rate. Our aluminium sheets and coils are available at a budget-friendly price.

High tensile strength

We ensure that our materials maintain a proper strength to weight ratio. Due to the high tensile strength, the material does not bend.

Make an informed decision

Know the difference between aluminium coils and aluminium sheets

Aluminium sheets

Aluminium coils

The best properties of sheet aluminium

1The sheet aluminium is lightweight and cost-effective. It is easy to transport several aluminium sheets to your site.
2Strong and suitable for structural applications
3Corrosion-resistant- Moisture cannot affect your aluminium sheets.
4Aluminium sheets are easily formable, and they have a low melting point. They are available with thicker gauges.
5Best for food-grade packaging because of the non-reactive properties
6Thick aluminium sheets are fireproof and do not emit poisonous gases while getting melted
7Due to its highly reflective nature, sheet aluminium is energy-efficient.
8The need for low maintenance is another advantageous thing about aluminium sheets.
9Easily recyclable and minimal loss rates while breaking down the sheet metal.
10Available in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses

Why should I choose your aluminium coils and sheets?

With our knowledge and skills, our engineers have designed the best-rated aluminium coils and sheets. Our tested products ensure high longevity. Moreover, our professionals will guide you on choosing the right product for your industrial purposes.

Browse through our product collections and decide on the right one. Our aluminium sheet manufacturers are ready to customise the sheet sizes based on your needs.

Aluminum sheets and coils
Aluminum sheets and coils

Buy powder-coated aluminium- Prevent rust

Are you concerned about corrosive issues with the sheet aluminium? Our aluminium sheet manufacturers apply powder coating to solve this problem. Our powder coating is highly durable, and thus, it keeps your aluminium surface safe. We understand that improperly applied coating is not effective and can get damaged within a short period. We ensure no orange peel effect, which results from the uneven surface.

The aluminium content of the 1060 aluminium sheets is around 99.6%. These sheets also ensure high tensile strength and good elongation. Because of their high formability, they are best for your normal processing needs. Other special properties include corrosion resistance, high plasticity, thermal conductivity, and electrical conductivity. They can endure bending, stretching, and pressure processing activities. However, you must not treat them with heat due to their low strength. You can avoid using 1060 aluminium sheets for braze welding. They are best for contact welding, atomic-hydrogen welding, and gas welding.

3003 aluminium coils and sheets are a type of AL-Mn alloy. It is about 10% more resilient than alloy 1100. They are non-heat treatable sheets, and their mechanical properties can be refined with the cold processing technique. With the semi-cold hardening technique, the material gains good plasticity. Due to corrosion resistance, 3003 aluminium sheets are the best for your welding projects.

They are Al-Mg aluminium alloys with magnesium as one of the major elements. You will get anti-rust aluminium sheets that are known for high strength, plasticity, and fatigue resistance. Do not treat them with heat. They attain the best plasticity level in the semi-cold hardening condition. We maintain the best standards while manufacturing 5052 aluminium sheets.

Our aluminium sheet manufacturers apply the polyester-based coating, which comprises uniform and dry polyester microbeads. The small beads with electrostatic charge help in adhering them to base materials. Our powder coating is more resilient than the standard finish. Thus, it can endure adverse weather conditions and last for several years.

Powder-coated aluminium sheets have an aesthetic value, as our coatings are available in different colours. To make aluminium products for outdoor use, you can choose our powder-coated sheets. The coating also makes our aluminium sheets more corrosion-resistant by alleviating the effects of contaminants and moisture.

We have a range of aluminium sheets, foils, and coils to serve clients from any industry. The thickness of the aluminium panel can range from 0.2mm to 6.5mm. However, you may also look for thinner gauge items known as foils. Products with a thicker gauge (above 6.5mm) are known as aluminium plates. You can make the right choice based on how much rigidity the sheet is needed for the project.

19-gauge aluminium with 1mm thickness is best for panelling and light cladding. It is also useful for constructing aluminium composite boards.

11-gauge aluminium with 3mm thickness is useful for thicker panels. You can use it for covering interior walls.

6-gauge aluminium having a thickness of 5mm is the most commonly chosen size for metal sheet buyers. For floor coverings and walkways, you can buy 4-gauge aluminium with a thickness of 6mm. When you need robust application of aluminium plates, the thickness has to be 10mm. You can use them for heavy machinery and in military environments.

Perforated aluminium sheets are best for projects that need aesthetic qualities. For instance, when you need to construct ceilings, floors, and sunshades, perforated aluminium sheets can be of great use. However, other applications of perforated sheets are in the lab, food industry, and factory.

Aluminium sheets are available in both unbrushed and brushed versions. The unbrushed ones may be composite and anodised panels. Brushed sheets have a consistent pattern of scuffs and parallel scratches. You will find a satin-like finish on the metal sheet’s surface.

The brushed surface adds a style to the sheets. With additional secondary processing, we create the brushed aluminium. You can use these sheets as the design elements.

Anodising refers to an electrochemical process that increases the oxide layer’s thickness on the metal’s surface. Anodised sheet aluminium is also highly corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. The sealant over the surface helps in minimising the porosity of anodised metal. However, it is also useful for priming purposes and ensures better adhesion of dyes, paint, and films.

You can easily identify anodised metals due to their coloured surface. It is better to use them for manufacturing architectural materials, cookware, sporting goods, tools, and smartphones.

Several car manufacturers have started using aluminium, as metal plays a role in lowering CO2 emissions and increasing fuel efficiency rates.

The cost-effective and lightweight aluminium sheets are best for vehicle construction. Manufacturers use them for designing the bonnet and some other structural parts. Aluminium composite panels are the right choice for this purpose.

Aluminium sheets have the potential to minimise the weight of the vehicle’s front end. Higher acceleration ensures lower fuel consumption.

These metal sheets can be used for designing nameplates, license plates, appliances, and cookware. They are also useful for gutters, sidings, and roofing. Thus, buy the best-quality aluminium sheets from our site and use them for your needs.

We always apply the most innovative techniques for manufacturing aluminium sheets. We obtain aluminium from raw bauxite, present in clay-like soil. Our team refines the ore in causing soda and hot lime solutions. It helps in turning out alumina, a type of white powder, while blended with carbon and electricity and carbon at a higher temperature.

The oxide forms the liquid metal known as aluminium. It is then converted into alloys based on the application. When you need aluminium for sheets, rods, and tubes, we will create ingots of about 20 feet in length. It is also easy to roll them under pressures and temperatures to make sheets, plates, and foils.

You may have thought that you need a specialised tool to cut through the aluminium sheets. However, any DIY handyman can accomplish the task with a standard wood-cutting saw. Make sure that your saw has the best-quality blade. Tablesaws and other saws with circular blades are better than straight-blade saws.

You need to choose the right technique based on the aluminium sheet’s thickness. Use a metal tube with a diameter of around 2″. Sharpen the interior edge and place the aluminium piece properly. You have to position the aluminium tube’s end with a hammer. Punch some holes through the aluminium and start cutting the sheet.

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