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The Difference Between 1060-o Aluminium Sheet and 1060-h24 Aluminium Sheet


What is the Composition of the Aluminium Sheet?

The chemical composition of the Aluminium Sheet mainly includes aluminum, silicon, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese, chromium, and iron. Because of these different chemical compositions, Aluminium Sheets can be better used.

What is a 1060 Aluminium Sheet?

1060 Aluminium Sheet belongs to pure aluminum alloy. The percentage of aluminum content reaches 99.6%, is called pure Aluminium Sheet, which belongs to pure industrial aluminum, and is a relatively commonly used aluminum alloy.

1060 Aluminium Sheet has high plasticity and corrosion resistance, as well as excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, but its strength is low, which cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and its machinability is not good; it can be welded by gas welding, contact welding, and hydrogen atom welding, and it is not easy to braze. ; Easily bear all kinds of pressure processing and bending.

1060 Aluminium sheets, 1050 Aluminium sheets, and 1070 Aluminium sheets are pure industrial aluminum, but the aluminum content is slightly different. The aluminum content of 1050 Aluminium Sheet is 99.50%, and the aluminum content of 1070 Aluminium Sheet is 99.70%. In practical applications, the aluminum content is very close. The performance is relative, and the production of many products can be replaced entirely by 1060 Aluminium Sheet, which has become the leading product in the series 1 Aluminium Sheet.

The Difference Between 1060-o Aluminium Sheet and 1060-h24 Aluminium Sheet
1060 Aluminium sheets

Advantages of 1060 Aluminium Sheet:

1060 Aluminium Sheet is the most commonly used Aluminium Sheet series. The production process is single, and the technology is mature. The price has a significant advantage compared with other high-grade alloy Aluminium Sheets. The price is much lower than other high-grade alloy Aluminium Sheets. It has good extensibility and tensile strength. Meet conventional processing requirements, such as stamping or stretching. Therefore, the cheap 1060 Aluminium Sheet is well received in the market.

Application Range of 1060 Aluminium Sheet

There are many application fields of 1060 Aluminium sheets, but the main application is those products that do not require high strength. The performance of the product determines this. 1060 Aluminium Sheet is often used in the manufacture of corporate signs or billboards in practical applications. It is also often used for building exterior decoration, bus body decoration, high-rise building, and factory wall decoration, etc., in addition to kitchen sinks, fan blades, lamp holders, thin plate processing parts, clock surfaces, nameplates, kitchenware, decorations, etc., Reflective appliances, etc. will also use 160 Aluminium Sheets for processing.

What is the Difference Between the 1060-o Aluminium Sheet and 1060-h24 Aluminium Sheet?

The O state is a state of the Aluminium Sheet, which is the product after the Aluminium Sheet has been annealed. Aluminum alloys of the same grade are divided into two different forms: O state and H state.

1. Production process: O state Aluminium Sheet is formed by crystallization after complete annealing, while H24 is incompletely annealed after work hardening.

2. Physical properties: O state Aluminium Sheet is softer, while H24 state Aluminium Sheet is harder than O state. That is to say, the hardness of the 1060 Aluminium Sheet in the H24 state is greater than that of the 1060 Aluminium Sheet in the O state.

3. Scope of application: O state Aluminium Sheet is relatively soft, so it is easy to bend and deepen and is mainly used in various industries such as decoration and packaging. The H24 state is harder and can be used for wire drawing, cutting, and bending. It is generally used in curtain walls, machining and other industries.

Packaging Standards for Aluminum Sheets

In order to ensure that the Aluminium Sheets are not damaged during transportation and storage, customers can use Aluminium Sheets with stable quality. After several years of trial and error, we have formulated clear packaging standards for aluminum sheets:
1. First, wrap the Aluminium Sheet tightly with a layer of dense waterproof film and seal it with tape to ensure that no part of the Aluminium Sheet is exposed to the humid air that may appear, and at the same time put enough desiccant inside the package. This is to ensure that the inside of the Aluminium Sheet is dry, to prevent the Aluminium Sheet from contacting air or any liquid, and to prevent oxidation or corrosion of the Aluminium Sheet.
2. Wrap a layer of kraft waterproof paper on the outside of the waterproof film. The main purpose is to ensure that the weak waterproof membrane is not damaged. The waterproof paper can also isolate the external moisture to a certain extent. The thick kraft paper can well isolate the temperature difference between the surface and the inside environment and avoid the Aluminium Sheet due to the excessive temperature difference—condensation to prevent oxidation of the Aluminium Sheet.
3. On the outside of the kraft waterproof paper, the entire layer of corrugated paper will be covered for protection. The edges and corners of the Aluminium Sheet are protected by special corrugated, and then the Aluminium Sheet and wooden pallets are packed together with metal packing tape. Reinforce several tons of Aluminium Sheets to prevent the Aluminium Sheets from being scattered and sliding during transportation and avoid friction between the Aluminium Sheets and the Aluminium Sheets after fixing.
After repeated trials, this packaging method can not only effectively prevent corrosion and oxidation of the Aluminium Sheet but also protect the Aluminium Sheet during long-distance transportation. The Aluminium Sheet will not be deformed and scratched due to handling.



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